Chainfire XDA (@ChainfireXDA)
Software developer and amateur photographer --- G+ and --- For serious only see G+, Twitter is for random thoughts
apple developers fotograaf ontwikkelaar
164.921 464 7.609
Architonic (@architonic)
architectuur developers ontwerp
150.410 598 13.000
Remzi Cavdar 🌐 (@remzicavdar)
Mijn leven is net als David en Goliath. Ik ben een rechtszaak begonnen tegen de William Schrikker Groep. Student & Web Developer. Positief & agnost
happy developers tv nos omroep student ontwikkelaar
99.006 32.142 4.686
Keith Jenkins (@velvetescape)
Founder/Publisher of the Velvet Escape luxury travel blog. CEO @i_ambassador Travel. Nature. People. Music. Sports. Architecture. Airplanes. Photography.
architectuur sport developers ceo founder omroep fotograaf reizen muziek uitgever
70.777 7.585 78.226
MVRDV is a design practice that engages globally in providing solutions to contemporary architectural and urban issues.
architectuur developers ontwerp
60.126 723 884
Museum of Wonder since 1784. Oldest museum in the NL: Art, sciences, architecture, fossils, coins, medals, drawings, physics, library, natural history.
museum architectuur bibliotheek wetenschap developers cultuur
57.424 1.590 12.901
Themelis Cuiper (@Themelis_Cuiper)
Nicetas Themelis Cuiper #Marketing Expert, #SEO #business #advertising #webtech #developer follow me on steemit
seo reclame marketing developers omroep ontwikkelaar advertising
39.547 33.953 94.442
Cordny Nederkoorn (@TestingSaaS)
TestingSaaS, the tell-it-as-it-is #SaaS community. Join? DM @TestingSaaS #datascience | #softwaretesting | #Infosec #computerforensics | #IAM |
wetenschap developers ontwikkelaar
39.151 35.508 5.963
Duncan Epping (@DuncanYB)
Chief Technologist @VMware | Author of, Essential Virtual SAN, Clustering Deepdive | Hyper-Converged, Software-Defined Storage, vSphere
investeerder vmware developers schrijver ontwikkelaar
29.933 526 14.961
Paul Maes (@Paul_Maes)
architectuur developers
20.113 10.533 8.978
de Architect (@deArchitectNL)
redactie van tijdschrift de Architect en van website, voor architecten, stedebouwers en (interieur)ontwerpers.
bouw architectuur developers
19.712 2.434 22.403
Peter van Mourik (@pjamourik)
Software ontwikkelaar @iMonitoring. Web Development, User Interface Design en Social Media. Gek op Tessa, Isabelle & Alexander. 1979.
social media developers ontwikkelaar ontwerp
19.126 14.674 9.994
Wladimir (@orionwl)
Bitcoin Core developer | GPU reverse engineer (etnaviv) | Open hw/sw, privacy, infosec | MIT Media Lab, Distributed Currency Initative
bitcoin developers ontwikkelaar
19.039 2.021 1.923
Exact Online (@ExactOnline)
Online software voor accountants & ondernemers | Boekhoudprogramma | CRM | Urenregistratie | Facturatie | Projectmanagement | Handel | Productie | Accountancy
accountant crm developers projectmanager ontwikkelaar entrepreneur
16.008 4.531 10.417
Architectenweb (@architectenweb)
De redactie van Architectenweb twittert over het architectuurnieuws en de redactie-agenda.
architectuur developers
15.958 1.549 14.699
Audiopluginshop (@audiopluginshop)
Audio Software & Sound Design
developers ontwikkelaar ontwerp
15.932 70 25
Webdesigner Magazine (@Web_Designer)
Webdesigner is het magazine voor webdesigners en webdevelopers, met nieuws, tutorials en achtergrondartikelen voor zowel beginners als professionals.
webdesign webontwikkelaar developers ontwikkelaar
15.853 425 3.034
Rob Papen (@RobPapen)
Musician, composer, sounddesigner and developer of virtual instruments and effects.
developers muziek ontwikkelaar ontwerp
15.595 70 564
Stephan (@Stephanvs)
Creator and Advocate of Beautiful Software and Elegant Code — I ♥ C#
developers ontwikkelaar
15.348 1.069 4.575
Joey Blankendaal (@JoeyBlankendaal)
Software Developer (Java, PHP & JavaScript). Student at AUAS. Translator @twitter.
javascript php webdesign webontwikkelaar developers student ontwikkelaar
14.635 5 0
bob prah (@bobprah)
Software Engineer -loves Java, Javascript,PHP, Sybase, MySQL ,PostgreSQL, MariaDb, CRM, ERP, AIESEC, Apple, Social Media, Zend Framework
zend mysql social media javascript crm php apple webdesign webontwikkelaar developers ontwikkelaar
14.607 5.129 394.572
Epitaph Europe (@EpitaphEurope)
New releases from @Convergecult, @QuicksandNYC @twiabp @propagandhi @cultureabuse @Architectsuk @Rancid @ObeyTheBrave @FIROfficial @themenzingers & more!
architectuur developers
14.248 2.848 7.898
Peecho (@peecho)
Peecho helps creatives, self-publishers, photographers and app developers to fund creative work, by allowing them to sell their publications printed on demand.
developers fotograaf ontwikkelaar uitgever
14.111 13.804 7.608
Ronald Jackson (@ronaldjackson)
Social Justice Activist and Educator. Multi-Media Artist, 3D Animation, Video, Digital Architecture, Digital Music, Drummer, Civil War Historian, Author.
architectuur drummer developers omroep schrijver muzikant muziek video
13.346 12.574 58.101
CIO adviser (@CIOadviser)
C-level advice, runs DOCKER on nested hypervisors, on premises CLOUDconsumption, DevOps converged infra& security architecture. Form factor: biped mammal
architectuur security developers
12.625 1.914 14.695
mecanoo (@mecanoo_)
Mecanoo combines architecture, interior, urbanism and landscape to create unforgettable spaces.
architectuur developers
10.931 1.138 3.480
Koppert Cress (@koppertcress)
Koppert Cress stands for Architecture Aromatique and is producer of innovative, creative and tasteful micro-vegetables for the international gastronomy.
producer ruimtevaart architectuur wetenschap developers innovatie
10.761 6.254 10.449
Errol S. van Engelen (@bizzmaxx_eu)
#OpenToOpportunities #BusinessDeveloper #Speaker #BigData #DigitalTransformation #SocialMedia #EmergingTech #AI #AR #VR #Blockchain #IoT #Author #Consultant
bitcoin spreker developers schrijver ontwikkelaar consultant
10.427 7.720 26.079
High Tech Campus (@hightechcampus)
The smartest square kilometer in Europe, an R&D ecosystem of 160+ companies and institutes, and 11,000+ researchers, developers and entrepreneurs.
onderzoek developers ontwikkelaar entrepreneur
10.374 2.010 20.876
AFAS Software (@AFAS)
Inspireert beter ondernemen | ERP & HRM Software | Nederland, België & Caribbean | @AFASLive | @AZAlkmaar & @KVMechelen | @Circustheater
afas theater az developers hr cultuur ontwikkelaar
10.365 4.684 13.838
iMonitoring (@iMonitoring)
Als leverancier van online & social media media marketing software. Gebruiken wij Twitter als nieuws platform voor #Marcom professionals. #iMupdate
social media marketing developers ontwikkelaar
10.341 7.225 4.477
wkossen (@wkossen)
Enterprise architect, BKWI, Suwinet, Musician, Spiritual, Genealogist, Interoperabilitynut, woodwork, Father of 2, Coffee addict, CFsupport, DonorJA
architectuur developers vader muziek
10.177 9.000 2.861
Emanuel Ungaro (@BimmerMonkey)
About me...Photography, Art, Design, Architecture. Also interested in Science, Technology, Social Media, Politics, News, Food and...Cars (BMW, Rolls-Royce).
bmw architectuur bmw social media wetenschap auto developers fotograaf ontwerp
9.962 4.856 66.034
Rafael Dohms (@rdohms)
Computer Engineer, PHP Evangelist and Gamer. Enabler of the AmsterdamPHP Community. Loves code and growing communities.
php sport webontwikkelaar developers ontwikkelaar game
9.486 536 53.393
Piet Bakker (@PietBakker)
Lector Hogeschool Utrecht | onderzoeker | @JLabHU | SvJ | social media | journalistiek | kranten | tijdschriften | hyperlocal | omroep | digitaal | @DeOrkaan
onderzoek social media hogeschool perl onderwijs developers journalist omroep ontwikkelaar
9.432 2.122 21.684
☆ HeartFyd☆ (@HeartFyD)
Travel| Nature| Photography | Passion for Architecture and Interior Design| Music| Fashion| Animal Welfare| Movies | Hotels| My current job and so much more.
fashion hotel film architectuur developers fotograaf reizen muziek ontwerp
9.286 9.384 11.637
Frank Meeuwsen (@frankmeeuwsen)
Community Architect @iamtriggi | Utrecht | Father | Pearl Jam | =W= | .gif 4 life yo! | Autonomous Biological Machine |
architectuur developers vader
9.195 1.961 61.277
Marjolijn de Graaf (@marjolijndg)
faciliteert groepsbesluiten, fluistert managers, veranderarchitect, tennis, entrepeneur, spreker, auteur Decisions by Design, met 3 mannen
architectuur spreker developers schrijver ontwerp entrepreneur tennis
9.071 8.968 11.117
Herman Vissia (@hvissia)
Director of a very exciting company named Byelex. we build software in every field, mostly using Java. Inventor of #Buzztalk and #StorGrid
java developers ontwikkelaar
8.843 7.277 5.919
ArchitectuurNL (@ArchitectuurNL)
ArchitectuurNL zet de wereld van de architect centraal.
architectuur developers
8.760 306 5.047
Jilles Soeters (@Jilles)
Software Engineer at @Udemy - Developer Expert @Google - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast - JavaScript is my lingo - Python is pretty fun, too
enthousiast javascript python webdesign webontwikkelaar developers ontwikkelaar
8.747 387 29.740
Marijn Haverbeke (@MarijnJH)
Independent code critter. CodeMirror, ProseMirror, Tern, Eloquent JavaScript.
javascript webdesign webontwikkelaar developers ontwikkelaar
8.735 69 6.136
WijkagentVisschedijk (@B_Visschedijk)
Wijkagent Enschede Centrum: Bothoven-Hogeland Noord-Perik. Spreekuur: Ma 10-11 uur Javastr 127, 13-14 uur Wilheminastr 95. Di 11-12 Hoge Bothofstr 45
wijkagent java developers ontwikkelaar
8.246 7.038 25.138
Ron Tolido (@rtolido)
EVP, Global CTO, Capgemini Insights & Data. Director, The Open Group. IT Architecture, Big Data, AI, Cognitive, IT trends, TechnoVision, Digital Transformation.
capgemini architectuur developers cto
8.166 3.280 5.099
OrangePixel (@OrangePixel)
Sign up for game and discount news: | One-man Dutch independent game developer | Heroes of Loot | Space Grunts | Gunslugs and more|
developers ontwikkelaar
8.149 1.069 7.862
Theodore Watson (@theowatson)
Theodore Watson is an interactive installation specialist and developer of the openFrameworks toolkit. He is also co-founder of creative studio Design I/O
eo developers founder omroep ontwikkelaar ontwerp
8.142 427 5.579
Lydia Proschinger (@SerendipityJane)
Human potential developer, energy coach, therapist #LOVE #EFT #LOA #coaching #health
developers coach ontwikkelaar gezondheid
8.069 8.476 57.483
ArchiNed (@ArchiNed)
De enige echt kritisch onafhankelijke culturele architectuursite van de Lage Landen. The indepentent website of the Low Countries on architecture and more.
architectuur developers
7.984 121 3.176
@skoop ❤️ (@skoop)
PHP dev | international speaker | business owner (@ingewikkeldnet) | Radio DJ | [@TearSong, @Reauteau, @itsyarta ] | implements PSR-8
dj spreker php webontwikkelaar developers radio ontwikkelaar
7.779 1.814 80.998
Hapee (@hapeeg)
open source, development of people and software, webdeveloper, ict4d, drupal, linux, ubuntu, geek, amsterdam, groenlinks, opendata, security & greenhost
geek drupal security linux webdesign webontwikkelaar developers omroep politiek sysadmin ontwikkelaar drupal cms groenlinks
7.461 6.927 36.709
Waldek Mastykarz (@waldekm)
Developer evangelist: SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, Office. Office Development MVP, Product Owner - Customization Quality @Rencore, @OfficeDevPnP core team
sharepoint developers ontwikkelaar
7.263 355 11.966
DeDesignsnob (@DeDesignsnob)
Design, kunst, architectuur, mode, (nieuwe) media: de Designsnob is overal graag bij, liefst vooraan.
architectuur developers cultuur ontwerp
7.227 264 4.164
Mark Appel (@preciesmark)
global marketing leader exact | cloud business software | accountancy | marketing automation | saas | triathlete | serendipity | ironman | digital marketing
accountant marketing developers ontwikkelaar
7.137 7.710 61.706
Dimitri Visser (@dimitrivisser)
Online Marketing consultant & developer. Thoughts become things! #OnlineMarketing #MarketingAutomation #GrowthHacking #Startup #Entrepreneur
marketing developers ontwikkelaar consultant entrepreneur
6.885 5.994 136
Dutch Game Garden (@dutchgamegarden)
Supporting game developers in the Netherlands. Studio space, incubation, events & more. Tweets by @ElineMuijres. Organizer of #INDIGO17 in Utrecht!
evenementen developers ontwikkelaar
6.831 867 5.454
Bouwregister (@Bouwregister)
Sociaal informatieplatform over bouwprojecten van èn voor de hele bouwkolom | #Architectuur | #Bouwtechniek | #Constructie | #Installatie | #Bouw | #Portfolio
bouw architectuur developers
6.779 3.843 1.029
René Bolier ✈️ (@renebolier)
Programmatic Job Advertising | Recruitment | Tech | Media | Entertainment | Travel | Architecture | Poker | Fitness | Pics. Co-Founder @OnRecruit
architectuur reclame recruiter developers founder recruitment hr reizen advertising
6.768 3.052 62.579
Enternext BV staat voor: #hosting #cloud #mkb #webwinkel #linux #windows #dotnet #sysadmin #vmware #streaming #affiliate #php #microsoft #mysql
microsoft mysql webwinkel vmware affiliate php linux windows webontwikkelaar developers sysadmin ontwikkelaar streaming hosting dotnet
6.684 6.681 31.435
Ronald Bolijn (@Planning_NL)
Marketing Director,® Procesbeheersing met de juiste planning software! Personeelsplanning.projectplanning, roosterplanning en branche specifiek!
marketing developers hr ontwikkelaar
6.541 6.750 775
Joost de Valk (@jdevalk)
CEO and founder of @Yoast. Husband of @mariekerakt, father of 4. Open source evangelist, SEO, developer, marketeer.
seo marketing developers ceo founder omroep vader ontwikkelaar
6.420 1.199 3.594
Eskild Wikkeling (@EskyFromOz)
All things internet like: hosting, (website, colocated, dedicated and VPS), Linux, FreeBSD, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Firewall, VOIP, SIP...
bsd mysql php linux webontwikkelaar developers sysadmin ontwikkelaar hosting
6.368 6.292 959
rroxstarr (@rroxstarr)
Engaged in Social marketing. Software Developer.
marketing developers ontwikkelaar
6.348 427 448
Loes Melis Bailly (@C_Lifestyle)
Courage staat voor inspiratie, vernieuwing anno #2018- #architectuur #interieuradvies #kleur #licht #seniorenadvies. Dol op muziek-mode-natuur-golf en voetbal.
natuur architectuur golf sport developers muziek voetbal
6.226 3.999 6.806
Dan Brickley (@danbri)
Euro-Bristolian in London,, ex-W3C, Semantic Web, FOAF. Developer Advocate, Google. (All views my own; RTs are RTs)
developers ontwikkelaar
6.086 6.696 22.060
VMware Nederland (@vmware_nl)
VMware in Nederland. Virtualisatiesoftware voor cloud-infrastructuur en -beheer, cloud-applicaties en eindgebruikers.
vmware developers ontwikkelaar
6.072 1.766 5.219
DuurzaamVandaag (@duurzaamvandaag)
alle duurzame nieuwtjes, tweets en video's van vandaag - eerste duurzame mashup in Nederland
duurzaam webontwikkelaar developers omroep video
5.992 245 1.077
Rik Maes (@hoogleerling)
Prof. Information Management AI&M & Radboud, emeritus UvA. Passionate interest in inspiring learning in comb. with philosophy, arts, design & architecture.
architectuur filosofie uva onderwijs developers ontwerp
5.951 3.572 1.931
EXCELLENT | magazine (@EXCELLENTwonen)
EXCELLENT is een woon & lifestyle magazine dat zich richt op luxueuze architectuur, droominterieurs, hoogwaardig design en exclusieve lifestyle.
architectuur developers ontwerp
5.929 138 3.148
Bongers Architecten (@BongersArch)
Bongers Architecten BNA | Architect | Duurzaam | Zelfbouw | Landelijk | Modern | CPO | Verbouwingen | Eigentijds
bouw architectuur duurzaam developers
5.767 6.313 3.184
BNA (@BNA_nl)
Branchevereniging Nederlandse Architectenbureaus / Royal Institute of Dutch Architects
architectuur developers
5.755 845 9.453
Distimo (@distimo)
The #1 App Analytics and the most accurate App Data. Trusted by developers worldwide to track over 345,000 apps.
developers ontwikkelaar webanalytics
5.571 1.388 2.486
Jeanet Walraven (@jeanetwalraven)
Customer journey, online marketing, business developer, inspired by people, student of life, loves nature, #growthmindset, resource investigator #KaiJros
marketing developers omroep student ontwikkelaar
5.560 5.772 27.068
Rutger van Zuidam (@rutgervz)
Founder @dutchchain, @blockchaingers (former Dutch Blockchain Hackathon) Faculty @singularityu, advisor @nvnom & @foundedingro, CoProducer @bitcoinproperly
producer bitcoin perl developers founder ontwikkelaar
5.551 3.657 19.398
RAU (@rau_architects)
The Amsterdam based RAU architectural team works on oneplanetarchitecture
architectuur developers
5.471 172 1.480
ArtEZ (@ArtEZhogeschool)
ArtEZ University of the Arts | beeldende kunst, vormgeving, mode, schrijven, muziek, dans, theater, architectuur en interieur, docentopleidingen
leraar architectuur theater docent universiteit onderwijs developers cultuur muziek
5.454 319 2.077
Sociale Media SW (@SocialeMediaSW)
Sociale media software and SEO drive traffic to you
seo developers omroep ontwikkelaar
5.443 6.172 37.361
Erfgoedstem (@Erfgoedstem)
Nieuws over Kastelen en buitenplaatsen Cultureelgroen erfgoed, Religieuze architectuur, Historische woningen Industrieel erfgoed en Acheologie
erfgoed architectuur spiritualiteit developers omroep cultuur
5.327 1.228 31.876
Tharros info (@tharrosinfo)
Sardinia and archaeology Studied history but works as IT architect Creator of the sites and
architectuur developers omroep
5.288 3.618 37.133
Peter van der Zee (@kuvos)
JavaScript engineer. Parsing, code transforms, low level performance, architecture. Organizer of @js1k
architectuur javascript webdesign webontwikkelaar developers ontwikkelaar
5.271 85 23.017
Coosto Nederland (@CoostoNL)
Social media management software voor bedrijven en organisaties. Webcare, monitoring, publishing & analytics. Global Twitter account: @Coosto
webcare social media developers ontwikkelaar webanalytics
5.257 3.280 7.778
NP De Hoge Veluwe (@HogeVeluwe)
Natuur | Kunst | Architectuur | Witte Fiets | Museonder | Jachthuis Sint Hubertus | Uitjes | Jong en oud | Voor vragen: mail naar
natuur fietsen architectuur seo developers omroep cultuur
5.223 1.606 3.073
Twinfield Accounting (@Twinfield)
Accountancy | Online boekhouden | SaaS | Cloud computing | Ondernemen | Social Media | Innovatie | Software | Inspiratie | Accountant 2.0 | De online accountant
social media accountant developers innovatie ontwikkelaar
5.185 3.114 9.274
Netpresenter (@Netpresenter)
Netpresenter provides you with a powerful software platform for #employee #communications, mass #notifications and emergency #alerts. Check out our demo
marketing developers ontwikkelaar communicatie
5.159 4.609 741
Jeffrey Keijzer (@jeffreykeijzer)
Developer | Sound Designer | Voice Over
developers ontwikkelaar ontwerp
5.107 244 570
Rolf Babijn (@RolfBabijn)
Owner HD Webdevelopment, entrepreneur, actor, athlete, Symfony developer, networking enthousiast, member of Mensa, BNI and AUG.
enthousiast symfony webontwikkelaar developers ontwikkelaar entrepreneur
5.001 399 3.193
Dok architecten (@dokarchitecten)
Architectuur, stedenbouw, interieur;
bouw architectuur developers
4.990 1.145 2.345
Jonathan Reinink (@reinink)
Freelance web developer. PHP, Laravel, Vue, HTML, CSS, JS... Creator of two @thephpleague packages. Working on @tailwindcss. Farmer by night. Dad. Christian.
freelance php christelijk webdesign webontwikkelaar developers ontwikkelaar css zzp
4.977 557 8.130
Francine Houben (@FrancineHouben)
Creative Director at @mecanoo_ architecture, urbanism, mobility, sustainability
architectuur duurzaam developers
4.943 299 3.412
MountAthos (@mountathos)
The Holy Mountain by Herman Voogd. Books, art, travel, culture, religion, orthodox, architecture,monasteries, byzantine,nature, hikes
architectuur spiritualiteit developers reizen
4.895 1.015 1.803
ARCAM (@ARCAMupdate)
Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam.
architectuur developers
4.818 1.035 4.085
Ronald Velten (@RonaldVelten)
European Marketing Director @IBM; Dutchie; public speaker; running junkie; proud father, Apple fan and coffee addict. Tweets are my own or properly borrowed.
spreker perl apple marketing developers vader ontwikkelaar
4.772 3.076 26.973
International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam ▷ IABR—2018+2020 will continue the quest for resilient and inclusive cities ▷ tweets in EN+NL ▷
architectuur developers
4.759 395 3.766
Kasper de Jonge (@Kjonge)
MS Employee, working on business intelligence software, Analysis Services, PowerBI & PowerPivot, coffee enthusiast and music fanatic. My tweets are my own.
enthousiast developers muziek ontwikkelaar cms
4.717 497 9.198
XebiaLabs (@xebialabs)
Enterprise-scale Continuous Delivery and #DevOps software, providing companies with the visibility, automation and control to deliver software faster.
developers ontwikkelaar
4.713 4.747 7.251
Arnold Vanderlyde (@arnoldvanderlyd)
Vitality coach, Presentor, Owner Sports & Business company, developer V.I.P. (Vertrouwen, Integriteit en passie) spirit, 3 times olympic medalwinner (boxing)
ing italie sport developers coach ontwikkelaar
4.642 1.260 7.813
Quintiq (@Quintiq)
Official Twitter account for Quintiq, a Dassault Systèmes company. Global leader in #supplychain planning & optimization software.
developers ontwikkelaar
4.603 3.133 12.712
Eloy “Durán” Durán (@alloy)
Xcode survivor. React Naïve developer. Into Faff Theory.
eo developers omroep ontwikkelaar
4.599 841 29.274
Mastronardi Software (@mastrosoft)
Mastronardi Software is a full service internet agency... From online marketing communications advise and webdesign/development to email marketing campaigns.
marketing webdesign developers ontwikkelaar communicatie
4.562 4.755 322
Rien Hoogendoorn (@rienhoogendoorn)
Volkswagen Beetle (Type 1), Type 2, Golf GTI, Karmann Ghia, Mercedes-Benz, a German Cars enthusiast. Automotive photography, web designer/developer, webmaster
enthousiast mercedes volkswagen golf auto developers fotograaf ontwikkelaar ontwerp
4.455 4.337 1.399
Alper Çuğun 🤖📖☕️ (@alper)
Lead Software Engineer & Design Strategist, author of “Designing Conversational Interfaces”, consulting on new technology and better collaboration, he/him
developers schrijver ontwikkelaar ontwerp
4.388 3.843 63.441